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Our journey from a family of three to a family of four through the miracle of adoption.

Update and changes to our adoption program

on November 10, 2012

We had a phone conference with our agency earlier this week where we learned more about the work they have been doing over the last few months to further develop the domestic infant adoption program we are part of (remember this is a pilot program, we were one of the first few families to complete our home study). It is now “just” a domestic adoption program, no longer is it focused on African-American or biracial adoptions (though those are still a big part). They’ve secured contracts with an agency in Louisiana and Texas and are awaiting the contract from one in Arizona. They are also now licensed to work directly with moms in Michigan, Ohio and Oregon; furthermore Washington’s documents are undergoing review now and they are expecting that approval soon (hopefully this month, but certainly before the end of the year) and Kentucky is also in the works.

What does that mean for us? This is GREAT! It means more possibilities and a “bigger pool” of birth mothers and families that we can connect with (have I mentioned how much I hate phrasing that makes babies and their tummy mommies sound like a commodity?! AGH, I hate it, but sometimes there is just no words to better explain). With these changes also comes more details/work for us as each state has different rules, each agency has different rules (within their state rules) and of course our agency has their own rules (within OR and WA rules) so it is confusing and overwhelming. Each agency (this means there are four possible agencies not counting ours…so five actually) has different fees too and we have to give each agency in each state 3-5 printed versions of our family album to have on hand, which means we need about 15 more than the what we’ve already done. For printing more albums I’m hoping there will be some great photo book deals in the very near future because of the holidays and that will hopefully make it more affordable. One of the most exciting things to us is that two of the three new agencies have placed 3-5 babies per month, that’s fantastic for us as a waiting family! One of the agencies most often places/matches after a call from the hospital once mom has given birth and decides adoption for her baby, so it is even more possible with working with them that things (at some point….you know after all this waiting ;)) might go really fast, as in call to be shown, to match, to baby being placed with us (in their state) from the hospital all within the few days after birth!

Phew, okay so if you are still with me here are my freak outs for the moment: for the last month or so I’ve had a growing feeling that once things go they are going to go fast. For whatever reason, I just don’t feel like we are going to be the textbook of match in the third trimester, know an expected due date, sort of be able to plan blah-blah-blah, perhaps it’s wishful thinking (minus the part that I like planning!), and only time will tell, but that’s my gut feeling for now. Also because of that feeling and seeing the financial stuff (and new financials) written out again I’m having a tough time not stressing about the money side of things, specifically because at match/placement there are fees due to the placing agency and  we have about half of those saved so far not considering the travel expenses. We are working on other funding options, grants, fundraisers etc, we just have to narrow down our selections and go for it. Thank you for your prayers & encouragement for patience in waiting, for clarity in which grants/financial options to pursue, for our baby(ies) that they are growing strong and healthy inside their tummy mommy and for that amazing woman (and her family) that she is feeling supported, loved and that her needs are met.


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