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Our journey from a family of three to a family of four through the miracle of adoption.

A little step forward….a little step back

on August 25, 2012

We heard from our agency this week regarding the mom who was looking at our book (and others from our agency).  She did not choose any of the families she looked at from our agency, primarily because she wants an African-American family for her baby. That’s tough to hear….that we aren’t the right family because of the color of our skin. On the other hand , I understand that is something that is important to her and the father and they need to find a family that meets their expectations and what they want in a family for their little one. It’s tough to understand where she is coming from and it’s even tougher to imagine what she is going through in choosing a family; she wants the best for her baby, she only gets a little glimpse of us (and other families) and thus she has to go with her instinct. We’ve prayed for her to have lots of wisdom over the last several weeks….apparently that wisdom was that there is a different family for her baby. What an honor it has been to get to be part of her life and part of this baby finding his forever family. As tough as it is to hear “no” we know that God has a baby (or babies if you ask Aviya) for us and God knows whether we are supposed to have a December baby….a spring baby….maybe even a summer baby and in God’s perfect timing we will know too.


4 responses to “A little step forward….a little step back

  1. Erin Knittle says:

    Awe my dearest friends! 🙂 You are so wise and mature! 🙂 I want to be upset for you, but God really is in control of ALL things including your little family. SO- in that case I REJOICE in your decision to trust and follow Him where ever he leads, and that I would learn from you and put into practice your attitudes in my own life.
    I am praying with you for your little one(s) and that we understand God is always the decision maker in all our lives.
    Love you ORR Friends 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks friend…your words are encouraging and solidify what we know (saying it is easier than feeling it in our hearts at times ;)). ❤

  2. Catherine says:

    Having gone through the process of finding forever for our two wild childs…with the state looking at more than one family…and the forever family being with the original people God placed on my heart for them…I am so grateful for the “no” from other families. It’s backwards of what you are going through…but the same. God’s perfect plan…God’s perfect timing…resulting inthe perfect place and family. I love your faithful waiting…

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you Catherine, you are so right, I’m thankful for “no’s” from others because that particular baby has his family somewhere else and there is a yes somewhere else for us! Every time I think of your most recent two kiddos and their forever family I smile.

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