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Our journey from a family of three to a family of four through the miracle of adoption.

A moment or two of confusion for my heart

on February 5, 2013

We heard more news today about the mom in Louisiana, she has chosen the family for her baby boy, who was born this weekend! The family she has chosen is a family who is in our program (there are only 8-9 of us). That is great news, in many ways-it means our program works to connect adoptive families with birth families, it means that there is a family near us who are rejoicing today about a match and making travel plans to be united with their son, it means there is an amazing and brave mom who has chosen life and adoption for her child. For a time my heart was also heavy because we are so looking forward to the baby(ies) that God has for us! Thus I sat at my desk after reading the update unsure of how to react, on one hand I was disappointed, but on the other I was oh so excited! Truly, for a bit I alternated between tears in my eyes and a big grin. Thankfully my coworkers were either at lunch or working so no one noticed while I did my best to process my thoughts and emotions and refocus on work. A quick message to a wise and understanding friend that was met with validation of my heart’s confusion was just what I needed (thank God for her!). Of course I shared the information with Kyle too, but knew that it was unlikely that we would get to process together until we got home this evening and we did.

There is incredible peace in knowing that this is bigger than us, that every piece of this journey is in God’s control and that HE already knows the perfect little one (and birth family) for us! There is such incredible peace in resting in God’s truth and by that we can also celebrate the match for this precious little one and his forever family who are rejoicing right now. What an honor it was/is to be part of the people who got to pray for that precious mom/family and baby and his being united with the family that is meant to be his! ❤ How great it is to know that there will be many people we know and those we don’t who are praying for our baby and will be praying for us when the time is right. ❤


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