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Our journey from a family of three to a family of four through the miracle of adoption.

Here we go again!

on July 19, 2012

We are very excited to share that on Tuesday Kyle received a call from E at our agency telling us about a mom who is choosing adoption for her baby and they’d like to show her our book. I’m so glad that I was super-busy at work and thus when I didn’t answer E’s call, she called Kyle. These are fun and exciting calls to get and I’m glad he got to get the initial info and then was able to share it with me! After all, how often is it that a potential daddy gets to know first about a child and tell the potential momma?  This mom has worked with the agency in Georgia for a few months, so we have known of her for a short time. We didn’t expect her to look at family albums for another month or so; therefore this call came as a bit of a surprise. She is due in December and everything we know about her & the pregnancy is fine; thus Kyle was happy to tell E that we’d love for her to learn more about us from our profile book. Oh, how I wish there was a different way for her to learn about us. While I’m proud of our book and think it reflects our family well, I want her to know what is on our hearts and so much of that we just can’t convey via pictures and words! We expect that she’ll be looking at books in the next week or so, but it is hard to know what to expect, she may need some time before deciding if she wants to get to know us (or any of the other families) more.

For me this is the hard part, waiting without a real timeline of when to expect an answer or more information of any kind. I suppose we know for certain that sometime between now and December we’ll know-right? In the meantime, we think of her and her baby often and will continue praying for them. It is our prayer that she is well supported and surrounded by people who can offer her wisdom, guidance and the support she needs. We pray that she knows God’s love and has an incredible peace as she works through the steps of choosing a family for the precious life she is nurturing inside her. We also pray that God will tell us about our baby soon (this is Aviya’s nightly prayer…except that she prays for the twin babies and then pauses, to wait for an answer). Please keep this particular mom and baby in your thoughts and prayers.


One response to “Here we go again!

  1. Mom says:

    You, Kyle and Aviya are so amazing, it is such a blessing to get to share this journey with you! Thanks for your wisdom, it keeps me praying and reminds me that God has the baby that is a perfect fit for your family. In his time not ours! I love you, Mom

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