3 + 1 = four orrs

Our journey from a family of three to a family of four through the miracle of adoption.

Peace & Patience

on June 7, 2012

Yes, of course our patience would be tested in this journey, but more than testing our patience we are amazed at the incredible sense of peace we have as we wait and with peace….comes great patience.  Where does this peace come from? This is peace that only God can give! We have such incredible peace as we wait; because we know that God is leading us on this journey, He knows exactly the child who is supposed to join our family and His timing is perfect. Thank God this isn’t about us, but is totally about Him and where he is leading our family.

Amazing adoption stories from dads:  http://www.allgodschildren.org

Here are two quotes from these dads that were things we could relate to so well:

“The more I handed it to God the more I realized that all of my reservations were based upon me providing answers and solutions to problems that had not yet arisen and that while I most definitely wasn’t capable of doing it I knew that God could.”

“We knew that we could have biological children yet God really continued to place on our hearts that we were to adopt and we were to do it now.”

That’s us, this journey is our faith in action, it involves answers that we don’t have and we (the planners, the ones who like to have control, the ones who like research and facts) are okay with not having these answers and are instead experiencing God’s incredible peace. As much as we are looking forward to knowing more about our baby (or babies if you ask Aviya) right here, surrounded by God’s peace is a great place to be.

What about….?

What happened to the mom in Ohio? Well, that is a good question, we don’t know. She chose to not continue having contact with the agency. We don’t know what that means really. She may have decided she needed some time, she may have decided adoption was not what was best for them, she may resurface and get back in touch with the agency as the baby’s arrival time gets closer (she’s due in the next month or so). Whatever it is that is going on in her heart and mind right now, there is a precious baby growing in her whom she loves and wants the best for. Our biggest prayer is that she is receiving the support she needs, we pray that regardless of  what choice she makes for her baby and her family, that she is loved and supported throughout the coming months. Please continue praying for her with us.

Do you want to be involved in positively impacting adoption?

Please take a look at http://adoptiontaxcredit.org/, the adoption tax credit has been hugely beneficial (and I suspect has played a part in many children being placed with their forever families). The tax credit will expire (yet again) the end of this year, if it does what remains is a minimal, very limited credit, that few families would qualify for. You can help! This site best explains the credit, history and the impact it could have if it ends, it also tells how you can help. There is now a bill in congress (HR 4373) that will make the credit permanent, you can help by contacting your congressman/woman and asking them to cosponsor this bill. If you live near us, email our congresswoman, Jaime Herrera Beutler . For many families the biggest “but” about adoption is the cost, helping with the cost can mean more children find forever families.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers!


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