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Our journey from a family of three to a family of four through the miracle of adoption.

Wowsers, already?!

on March 5, 2012

I received a call this afternoon from our case manager at our adoption agency. She received a call today from one of the agencies that they’ve been talking about developing a partnership with, but have not yet done so. It’s an agency in Ohio (ironically where our agency has an office also). They have a birth mom that they’ve recently started working with who they are working to match with the right family, she is about 20-22 weeks pregnant. We meet her main concerns/requests in choosing a family for her child and there are no concerning factors to her health or history that are known thus far. We have agreed to have our family album shown to her this week…yes we are frantically working on finalizing it tonight, so we can send it to our agency, to share with the agency in Ohio, who will use the link to show our information to this mom. Please pray, pray for wisdom and guidance for this awesome mom, and pray for patience for us. Whether this is a “trial run” that gets our album done, or the real thing and this is the momma of the precious little one who is meant to be ours, we know God’s hand is at work.


5 responses to “Wowsers, already?!

  1. OMG!!! That is awesome!!! Praying that everything falls into place and that this little one is the one that God has planned for your family! So exciting!!!

  2. Courtney says:

    Oh Lisa, this is an exciting turn of events! We will definitely be praying!

  3. Mom O says:

    Our hearts are overjoyed with anticipation….
    Our hearts are filled with prayers…
    Our hearts are bursting with love …

  4. Mom says:

    We know God has the right child for your family and we are praying that this is the one! Of course I’m bouncing off the walls a little with excitement.

  5. Modern Mom says:

    I couldn’t be more excited for you! You are all in my thoughts and prayers and I hope this is “it”.

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