3 + 1 = four orrs

Our journey from a family of three to a family of four through the miracle of adoption.

Home Visit Day

on February 20, 2012

Yipppeee! After spending the weekend cleaning and in general getting our house ready for E’s visit our home visit is complete and thus our portion of our home study is done! The home visit was easy and fairly casual, just like the other interviews have been. We talked about our community, our schools, our church, our neighborhood, some safety/health specific requirements (like that we have medicines & cleaning stuff out of reach, have smoke detectors, a carbon monoxide detector, a fire extinguisher…). Aviya gave E a tour of our house and yard, when asked if she wanted a girl baby or a boy baby she told E that she wants twins, two girls so there would be three little girls in our house….I’m okay with the idea of twins (I think), but the idea of twin girls and thus having three girls freaks me out a little bit! God wouldn’t give us more than we could handle…even if it means that many girls….right?

What’s next?
We wait. It will take E 4-6 weeks to write our home study report. We apologized to her, though she said it’s not the first time she’s been apologized to, but this has got to be so boring to write! When it’s done the report will be 15-20 pages (yawn), it goes in our file at our agency, sent to the agency in Atlanta and will be filed with both states (GA and WA) when our adoption is finalized. Oh and we get a copy/to review of course. For international adoptions the home study’s go other places, but for domestic, it’s really just a formality and no one other than our agencies, the judge(s) and us get to see it. We had one point been told that the birth parent gets to see it and that is not the case. Their questions may be answered by the agency, based on info in our report, but they don’t get to see/read it in its entirety.
This means we have 4-6 weeks to get our album done. My goal is 3 weeks to finish putting it together, then a week or so for printing the first one/proofing it and getting the rest (we need 5) printed. I under no circumstances want this process to be waiting on me to finish the album! Currently the GA Agency does not have any birth parents they are actively working with; however we are one of a few families for them to show when they do. It’s not particularly concerning that they don’t have any birth parents currently. Our understanding is that it tends to go in waves, agencies can have times where they won’t have anyone, or very few birth families they are actively working with, but then they’ll suddenly have 8-10+ birth parents in their program at once and thus all those babies to match with their forever families!

“Adoption takes so long!”
We and other adoptive families hear this often, on average domestic adoption takes 9-18 months, sometimes it is a much quicker process and others it is much longer. The reality is you just never know! Yes, it seems like there is a lot involved and a lot of waiting, but we are only 4 months into the adoption process, that’s not long at all in the world of babies….they do take 9 months to grow after all!
Info, info and more info
As you know, Kyle and I are researchers, we like information, we like facts. In my quest for information, I read lots of blogs by adoptive families and have found a few by first/birth moms. The newest blog I’ve been reading is by a first/birth mom. Jill’s an incredible mom, she placed her daughter 9 weeks after she was born. I’ve actually gone back to the beginning of her blog and am reading it chronologically, it’s awe-inspiring and heart-wrenching. I’ve added this to my blog roll, I encourage you to check out some (or all) of her story.


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