3 + 1 = four orrs

Our journey from a family of three to a family of four through the miracle of adoption.

Next Up…Interviews

on January 15, 2012

I talked with “E” our social worker this week and we scheduled our interviews. There will be three (well four) interviews, each 1 1/2-2 hours each. Later this month we will have our couples interview, that meeting will give “E” (and “B” who is currently training to do home studies) an opportunity to get to know us more and share some information with us. We are still working on our family album between now and then, but they’ll give us more info and have examples for us to check out when we are at the office then. The third week of February  Kyle and I will have individual interviews with E & B at the agency office. Finally two days later they’ll come to our house for the home visit.


Aviya heard Kyle and I talking about these meetings at dinner earlier this week she interrupted to ask where we were going, then where she was going to go, followed by promptly telling us she thinks she should go to Mimi and Papa’s house (my parents) and w0uld talk the them about it the next day.  Thankfully our silly girl has four doting grandparents at her disposal, so there is never a shortage of people for her to hang out with. Of course the conversation went on, because she wanted to know more about the meetings. We told her they were about the adoption and did our best to explain that yes, it involved more waiting. She wanted to know when the nice lady was going to come to our house (for the home visit) to talk about “her” baby. Aviya’s looking forward to flying on an airplane to get her baby brother or sister, and all this waiting is confusing for her, in three year old land, when you want something it magically appears…what’s with this paperwork, meetings and waiting?


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