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Our journey from a family of three to a family of four through the miracle of adoption.


on January 6, 2012

I just received a call from our home study coordinator at the agency. She received the LAST of our home study documents today so our process of completing, requesting and submitting documents is D-O-N-E!!!!!!! That means we finished that part in 7 weeks, it would have been even quicker, but one state child abuse check (eh-hem, silly husband of mine having spent a summer in another state serving with Campus Crusade in College ;)) was a little problematic to get through the bureaucracy and dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s to their satisfaction since their form was incorrect.

This is the binder of instructions and documents we received 7 weeks ago and the pile of documents we returned was even larger:

Our Home Study Binder, when we received it 11-16-2011

And just for fun, because I was a little proud of my work:

Our FBI Envelope, fingerprint cards and letter ready to send on 11-19-11. Our agency told us to make it colorful 😉


What’s next?

The Home Study interviews. Now that they’ve received all our documents we’ve officially been assigned to a social worker, thankfully our social worker is also the person who will walk us through the rest of the adoption process at our agency (she wears many hats). We’ve previously been introduced to her and are very excited to begin working with her more closely. She will review all of the documents we submitted, spend several hours with us individually and as a family, we’ve even been told she will “interview” Aviya. Now that will be interesting! Aviya asks me on a daily basis if it is time for us to fly on an airplane to go get her baby, sometimes she asks for a brother, sometimes a sister and other times twins (one of each), it’s tough to know what’s going on in her precious 3 year old mind, but she is very excited. Once our social worker has completed the interviews she will write a 15-20 page (single spaced) report about us and recommend us as potential adoptive parents. We are pretty boring, I’m not really sure what she is going to write a 15-20 page report about apparently she is.


While we are doing the interviews and our worker is writing the report, we are working on putting together our family album. We are in the process of creating a digital album about us, once complete we will have several copies printed and send them to the placing agency (the one in Georgia) to show to birth parent(s). To be completely honest, it’s a little overwhelming. This album will be the first impression a birth parent has of us, it’s how they will initially decide if they think we may be a good match for them and the family they want for their baby. How in the world do I (we) show and explain who we are and what we are about in several pages of pictures and a few paragraphs? How do we portray how much we are looking forward to adding a child to our family and how we will love, cherish and raise them. How do we communicate the incredible amount of love and respect we have for the birth parent(s) while we are talking all about ourselves? Kyle and I have had many conversations that ultimately end in the following ideas: 1. we are who we are (our white-ness, our geekiness, our “boringness”, our quirks, our strengths), 2. we can’t change that and wouldn’t want to, 3. we wouldn’t want to portray anything other than the truth in our album, and most importantly 4. we know God has just the child to join our family already chosen and knows just who he/she is. However, despite all those things and knowing that so little of this is in our control, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by this step and it’s easy to fear that how we portray something about ourselves in our album could be a turn-off to birth parents. My goodness, what if we choose the “wrong” picture?! What if we put too many pictures that include Aviya and they question if we could love another child so much (yes, yes we can!)? What if we omit something that doesn’t seem important to us, but is very important to a birth parent? Yikes! That’s a lot of pressure. I must remember this is not about us, it’s not about our agency, it’s not even about our child, this is about glorifying God and following Him. This is about sharing a bit of ourselves in order for the birth parent(s) God already knows will be part of our lives forever to see us for us and know that we are who they want to parent their precious child.


We are one step closer! On another and even more exciting note, I have two friend’s whose lives have been transformed by adoption this week. One was matched with a birth parent and is expecting their first child in a few months, the other got to meet their handsome baby boy last night shortly after he was born. I can’t help but smile (and blink away tears) when I see their pictures!


3 responses to “Hip-Hip-Hooray

  1. Mom says:

    Dad and I just finished reading the whole Blog again! We are so excited to be grandparents again and get to share in the life of your new baby. We are so proud of you for adding another child to your family through adoption. Yep I’m going to need to keep a box of tissue handy.
    We love you,
    Mom and Dad D

  2. Erin Knittle says:

    God is already being Glorified through this whole process! I couldn’t be more excited and happy that God forced us to be friends 😉 So excited to watch walk and wait with you guys through the rest of this journey. 🙂

  3. Mom O says:

    Tears and a heart swelling with more love for our family. I’m sooo excited!

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